Data Management Platform (DMP)

Next Generation Analytics

Put your DATA to WORK!

A #DMP #DataManagementPlatform is a data management smart engine.

DIVISADERO vision of a DMP is to allow each and every organisation to connect their data insights and activate these in any other platform, software or tool. Personalize a SmartWatch message in real time after a client has clicked on a banner? Send your store manager a personalized message when this client enters the shop? #DMP is capable of all this and much more!

Does it make sense that something this powerful would not be managed by YOU?

DMP (Data Management Platform) will allow you to find a unique approach that would meet each visitor’s expectations.

A tool dedicated to optimal management of your visitor data provides numerous advantages to your digital marketing:

Provide your digital infrastructure with intelligence
Automate marketing actions
Integrate any type of data: online, offline & offsite
Enrich your own data with third-party information
Centralize data management
Interconnect digital disciplines by integrating the variety of tools
Define audiences based on a range of attributes
Facilitate user experience personalization
Guarantee data accessibility at any time and place
From the Device-Centric to the User-Centric Vision

Are you ready to take the first step?

Contact the DIVISADERO team to start leveraging Data Management Platform benefits together with the industry leaders – Adobe Audience Manager, Krux, Oracle BlueKai and Tealium AudienceStream.

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