Digital Transformation

“The goal is to transform data into information, and information into decision-making”

From Digital Intelligence…

  • Our broad range of expertise in Digital Intelligence and Analytics is one of the pillars of our leadership in the digital landscape
  • Managing and analyzing large volumes of digital data in real time has proven to be our top skill 
  • Our passion lies in putting this data to work in the digital strategy of our partners

… to Digital Transformation

DIVISADERO developed the P2DT (Path to Digital Transformation) model in order to help our clients to simplify their Digital Transformation process. You can rely on our experts in various digital disciplines: Digital Analytics – Web, Mobile & Social, Tag & Data Management, Testing & Personalization, Enterprise Reporting, Customer Experience Management, Voice of Customer, Online Marketing Analytics. We paved the way for our clients to achieve digital maturity and leadership.

What do we offer?

  • Digital maturity assessment
  • Digital strategy reach definition
  • Audience analysis and profiling
  • Personalization optimization and audience testing
  • Paid media performance model definition
  • Social media strategy analysis and assets optimization

We pave the way for our clients to achieve digital maturity and leadership

What do we offer?


Digital Maturity Assessment

Which stage of the Digital Transformation roadmap is your company currently at?


Audience Profiling

Are your traditional segments actionable within the ecosystem of your digital assets?


Digital Customer Acquisition View

Is the client behaviour data from your owned channels connected with your campaign data?


Single Customer View

Is it possible to run your traditional business with your “new digital customer” behaviour data? Can you create a unique omnichannel customer experience?

What do you need to take the first step?


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