Digital Intelligence

Put your DATA to Work

What´s Digital Intelligence?

Our aim at DIVISADERO is to encourage Digital Transformation and help our clients to become more efficient and competitive by leveraging digital data. We are experts at tying business goals, teams and tools together.

Our expertise allows us to transform data into information in order to assist our clients in their decision-making process:

  • Managing customer experience
  • Streamlining acquisition and communication efforts
  • Optimising digital assets: Conversion, Satisfaction and Recommendation

We call it Digital Intelligence. And it is based on…

Digital Analytics


Web, Social & Mobile Analytics

Can you measure everything your visitors are doing on your web, app or social media in real time? Measuring is just the beginning. Learning from the analysis of your digital assets and linking the insights from the web, mobile and social media environments together to create unique user experiences is just the first step.

Tag & Data Management

Unified collection of pixels and tags

How long does it take you to measure a new element on your web or your mobile apps? Would you like to be able to track a customer acquisition campaign from beginning to end without affecting your website performance? You can now gather all your digital asset data and integrate it with the rest of the data your company owns, in order to offer unique user experience to each and every of your clients.


Testing & Personalization


Personalized experiences

Do all of your clients provide the same value to your business? What about offering unique user experience to each visitor depending on their expectations? From weather information to last visit data to geolocation, we can help you automate relevant user experience for each visitor in real time.

Enterprise Reporting

Data management and reporting

Still using spreadsheets to bring together your disparate data sources? Do all of the stakeholders in your organisation need to access the same information? Do you need DATA or INFORMATION? Data isn’t necessarily dry or overwhelming. It is crucial to automate all information in a dashboard format that is visually compelling and tailored to each stakeholder’s needs. And yes, that’s possible.

intelicencia-digital_enterprise reporting

Customer Experience Management


Qualitative information within your reach

Can you imagine transforming your analytics so that it actually contributes to improving user experience? Do you know how to make visits or bounce rate increase conversion for ecommerce checkouts? Analytics allows you to observe user behaviour and facilitate decision-making to optimise results and create experiences that build loyalty.

Voice of Customer

Listen to your visitors

What if you could welcome all of your visitors in the most personalized way, like, “hey, how are you doing today”? Is it possible to open a dialogue with clients on your webpage in an automated and personalized fashion? The main goal of Voice of Customer techniques is to listen to your clients, store immediate qualitative data, interact in a personalised way and foster bidirectional communication.

Ad tech & Analytics

intelicencia-digital_ad tech_analytics

Allocate your budget rationally

Do you know how many of the users who clicked on the banner returned to your website? Can you segment the visitors who searched for one of your products? Are you the owner of your data? Optimising your digital budget is possible only when data contributes to improving your current and future outcomes. Your audience should inform your ad spend and your results. Each advertiser should be the owner of their data and stay in charge of their campaign performance.


Digital disciplines are knowledge areas that allow you to link your business goals with technology required to achieve them.

Want to start your analytics management?


Assessment and Roadmap

We first analyse the current state of your digital assets and your business needs, to then define a Digital Intelligence plan focusing on the benchmark of solutions that would fit your particular business.


Solution Deployment

We conceptualize, design and set up personalized solutions for digital asset MEASUREMENT, social media LISTENING and tailored data REPORTING.


Analysis and Follow-Up

We help you to foster corporate analytical culture, introducing data management into the daily life of your digital teams. You can rely on us to transform your digital data into decisions on both tactical and strategic levels.

What do you need to take the first step?


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