Universal Analytics is born: top updates from the Google Analytics Summit 2012

31 October 2012


Another year, and again we find ourselves soldering off to the Google Analytics Summit in Mountain View ready to absorb firsthand, all of the news and updates that will be presented to us by industry leaders and many of those responsible for the evolution of, and continual improvement of Google Analytics. After we caught up […]

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Divisadero Breakfasts


Active since 2008, Breakfasts Divisdaero with Digital Analytics and Marketing are oriented towards specific industries or experts in measurement and campaign management. Among the many speakers have been international experts such as Avinash Kaushik and Eric T. Peterson.

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Global Compliance

Finding a cross-border compliance solution for cookie-based web analytics activities should be on the agenda...

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The Future of the Press

Print newspapers have been an institution for centuries. Countless people worldwide have relied on them over...

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Online Marketing Strategies

In this era when Social Media Marketing plays such a large role in marketing strategies, understanding and...

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